BLACKS ONLY: It's okay to be black

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Blacks Only: It’s Okay to be Black is more than just a book: it is the author’s rebuke to the black race; it is the author’s plea for drastic attitudinal changes in the black community; it also rebukes white South Africans who cannot stomach political changes that are taking place in South Africa. The book gives an account of how South Africa’s political past has affected the black community; it deals matters relating to “black identity”; it calls on the black folk to assume a new role in the economy of South Africa.

Blacks Only: It’s Okay to be Black is an eye-opener. It liberates the mind. It helps bring that awareness in our everyday lives, causing one to be circumspect and careful of his/her thought processes that inform our actions.


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“Exhibitionist mentality is rife in black communities. Thanks Mr Mashego, wonderful book.”



“The book changed my thinking. I see life in a different light.”



“A great read! The book is deep, profound and provokes us to change our way of thinking.”







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