To help individuals change their way of thinking as they work towards their destiny.




To impact and transform lives through mindset-changing literature.


Our mandate


DSMC is a South African business based in Gauteng, Kempton Park. DSMC is a human development company whose primary aim is to develop human capital through literature and other forms of art such as music.  We do this by bringing a paradigm shift in people’s mindsets. Why the mindset? This is because:

►  Life challenges are fought in the mind.
  Dreams and visions are aborted in the mind.
  The desire to succeed is challenged in the mind.

From childhood right through to our adulthood, we are fed lies about who we are. We are forever told:

  How inadequate we are.
  How we will not make it in life.

When these negative thoughts are spoken into our lives, they register in our minds. They become part of us. They become strongholds through which our believe system is derived. It is these very strongholds that tend to work against our progress and success. To destroy these strongholds, the mind must be set free. The mind is set free by exposing it to a new set of positive information that will replace the negative information (strongholds) that continues to hold mankind captive.
Our mandate is to effect change in such minds by sharing existing and new information through literature and music.

Our focus is on the following three pillars:

    Personal Development
    Financial Literacy

►    Wealth Creation


The world faces onerous and complex challenges. DSMC seeks to position itself as a global player, focusing on socio-economic and spiritual challenges facing the world.









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